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Drink and change. For the better world For the better WE
100% recyclable can less and less plastics
with 3 new options

Greenery Water

Greenery your body in any time of the day. Filtered with Reverse Osmosis system, our fresh water sparks 100% pure quality.

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Greenery Sparkling

A mixture of purified water and spices of sparkling delicacy method, Greenery Sparkling Water is there to refresh your body at any time and anywhere.

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Greenery Mineral

Greenery Mineral is made of 100% mineral from Pornrung mineral resource before purification manufacture. The entire process goes under the universal standard where the originality of the mineral and water are delicately preserved.

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greenery water

100% recyable

CAN-renewable, 100% recyable, 75% aluminium reuseable, endless cycle of drinking from the can.

Energy saving

Recycling aluminium is key to save energy and any new resources. We talk about the 95% saving from producing materials.


Aluminum can prove this water is cool and what's cooler is that we preserve the cool longer.

Reduce carbon footprint
global warming's enemy

Recycling 1 kilogram of aluminium could reduce carbon footprint and CO2, our global warming's enemy up to 9.13 kilogram.

** Source: U.S. EPA, 2020

Maintain the quality of the drink.

Aluminium can guard the quality, anti-UV and contaminants. No more risks from water contaminants from plastic.

Safe and clean

Reverse Osmosis System (RO) is a buddy of our water. The system purifies the quality by Ozone.

Did you know? Every year,
we have plastic bottles

28,000 tons

dumped along Thai oceans.
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A lot of eco folks already give us their hands, shall we?

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A meaningful part of our Greenery profits, for every can, would go right to support the sterilized water system in the isolated schools located anywhere decifient.

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