What is Greenery Water?

Made of Aluminium material for the packaging, our drink is designed to help reducing plastic wastes and environmental-oriented. From the manufaturing method to consumption, we make it all eco-friendly. Aluminium is 100% recyclable, so it decreases factors of production and carbon footprint, the very culprit of today's global warming threat.

What is it that's very unique for aluminum can?

It is the world-leading eco material because of endless reuses. This is some fun fact about aluminium's long live virtue. Aluminium dug in 19th century is still in use until today. The ability to maintain the cold is cool. It also reduces the risk of consuming chemical contaminants from plastics.

What is the standard?

We apply Reverse Osmosis system to produce Greenery Water. The system qualifies the purification process by shielding all minerals in the water and of course the original of the water.

Refill bottle might be a better idea for the world, don't you think?

Greenery indeed supports your personal bottle or flask, we only offer another solution. Greenery could be your buddy when your buddy bottle is away.

Greenery Water is refillable?

You could refill, but we recommend only 2-3 refills. Our goal is to be your daily refresh and the material aftermath, could be infinitely recyclable.

How Greenry Water serves the SDGs destination?

Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs by UN designated 17 goals for development. Those goals purposefully align with Greenery Water's dedication especially Goal 12 regarding Responsible Consumption and Production. We sustain the use of factors of production in efficacy and calculate impscts of plastic wastes and pollution through the whole manufacturing process.

How to apply to be our Greenery agents?

Line: @greenery

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