We live in a minute where only 9% of plastic is brought back to recycling process. That means the majority of those used ones go around on the planet, but never come around to the rightfully recycle game. Forests, oceans or any roads were left with plastic wastes, contaminated, wasted again and worsen the whole ecology.

Everybody knows this clear fact, that it would eventually affect us. When plastic recycling isn't the only light at the end of the tunnel, we offer another eco-friendly waste exile. Recyable aluminium can is 100% (say again) recyable and Greenery grabs this solution into life. We do want the better world.

Aluminium can is the most favorable package in the world that people pick to recycle.

Aluminium can could be recycled a lot more time than Marvel sequels.

Every single can would come back in your hands in 60 days.

Greenery Water can is made of more than 70% recycled aluminium.

Since 1825, 75% of aluminium composed in that time remains in the ecosystem until now.

Every can brought back to recycle process would decrease the Carbon footprint, harnessing sustainability before giving it back to nature.

Did you know? Every year,
we have plastic bottles

28,000 tons

dumped along Thai oceans.
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A lot of eco folks already give us their hands, shall we?

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A meaningful part of our Greenery profits, for every can, would go right to support the sterilized water system in the isolated schools located anywhere decifient.

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